Cancelled! 2. Hülly Balboa Swing Farm

September 24th – 27th, 2020 in the middle of nowhere (close enough to Hamburg)

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Group Discounts now open!

If you plan to come with your friends – here we have a special treat for you!

Groups of 4 or more dancers with balanced roles (2 lead and 2 follow, 3 lead and 3 follow …) receive a 20 € discount (per person) if the registrations are coming in within 2 days.

Mention you want to get the discount in the comments field of your registration!

Bring your friends!

(If you are already in and paid and want to bring 3 or more unregistered friends – no problem, just email us and we will discount your participation fee in cash at the event!)


Registration is open!

Heya bal peeps,

Since Thursday (March 28th) the international registration link is online.

But don’t stress yourself. Every registration flying in within the first 4 days (until April 1st, 12 h noon) will have the same chances to get a spot. No alarm clock needed.

Participants with a confirmed pass for BCC will be prioritized to enable you travellers having a balboa vacation in September!

National registration opens on April 16th, and same procedure applies (fist 4 days – all have the same chances).

Love rulz!
Henning & Eve

Registration for international and travelling dancers starts March 28th!

Our international / travellers registration will open March 28th, 12 h midday (MEZ).

At this point we will accept registrations from dancers
– living outside of Germany OR
– living minimum 500 km away from our venue.

This include dancers from Australia, Hungaria, Ireland, Switzerland, Bahamas, Sweden and any other country obviously, and dancers from Frankfurt/M., Stuttgart, Munich, Dresden …

Dancers with a confirmed pass for Balboa Castle Camp get priority to enable travelling dancers to have a Balboa vacation.

Please be aware that the registration for dancers living *within* 500 km from our venue (e.g. Köln, Berlin, Essen, Hamburg) will open on April, 16th, and be assured that we keep a good amount of spots per track open for this second registration wave.

The split shall only take some load from servers and people dealing with regs.

We aim for a role balanced and international/national well mixed event.


hey balpeeps,

the news: we are working on this website, and the registration will probably open in march. we will open the international registration 2 weeks before the national registration.

we will most probably coordinate in a way with Balboa Castle Camp (BCC), so that our registration opens after they have sent out their first confirmations.

if you come from afar and plan to make a Balboa holiday consisting of BCC and Balboa Swing Farm (BSF), your registration will have priority in our camp. just make sure to a) get into BCC as soon as possible, b) register within a week after we opened our registration and c) check the relevant box in your registration form.

stay tuned, you can get all up to date news on our facebook page:

Save the Date

Half of the Crew of the Hülly Hop Swing Farm events proudly presents the first Balboa Weekend. It’s gonna happen September 27th – 29th, 2019.

We are looking forward a lot!

Henning & Eve

Save The Date

January 6th – 8th, 2017

We’re just firing up. You still have to wait a couple of days. But you wanna add this date to your calendar now! … Hülly Hop Swing Farm will take place from January 6th till January 8th, 2017 in Hüll (70km down the river from Hamburg). Information on teachers, DJs, program, accommodation, prices, features  soon to come.


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