Main Instructors

Julia & Johnny Wharington (Melbourne, Australia)

Julia and John are passionate about Balboa, and they love sharing their love for the dance with dancers at any level. Since 2007, they have taught numerous Balboa workshops, troupes and classes in Australia and overseas. From their classes you can expect to receive a solid grounding in the foundations of Balboa all the way to challenges that get you thinking out of the box, all bundled in a fun and unique package. Their aim is to get you up and dancing on the social dance floor, dancing Balboa comfortably and looking good in no time.

John and Julia have won many Australian Balboa Championships, and also have won or placed in Balboa competitions in the USA. They are experts in their field, who focus on creative teaching techniques and bringing an infectious enthusiasm to their classes. Together they run Australia’s only Balboa and Shag festival, ‘All the Cats Join In’ in Melbourne.

Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Anni Skoglund (Sweden) and Gasper Hrovat (Slovenia) is an inspiring dance couple. Their style is playful, passionate and smooth. They share the love for the dance as their form of communication through rhythm, melody and harmony. To them it is the awareness of one another that make the couple dance so magic.

From a young age both of them danced several styles before getting into authentic jazz dances. Anni’s background lays in Swedish folk-dance, waltz and fox-trot, meanwhile Gasper’s in popular 90’s Street dances. Eventually swing dance came across and met them in Herrang Dance Camp.

Now – performing, teaching and lecturing about swing dances, at home and abroad, has seen them as evolve into a couple that has won competitions with their vibrant style and superfast feet. But above all, social dance is their thing.

Masha Krokhina & Alexey Gudovich (Moscow, Russia)

The Dance team of Masha and Alex aka „Balbovitchi“ exists since 2007 and is widely recognized in Russia and abroad. They’ve raised multiple generations of balboa dancers. Their classes are known for their special atmosphere, which could be decribed best by the students: serious, when needed, laughing, when needed; just the right balance between words, demonstrations and practice; each class is something wonderful and makes you feel a bit better after!

Masha dances bal for 12 years, and tries to expand and enrich her dance experience through all other swing dances (especially lindy-hop and blues) plus salsa and Argentinian tango. While teaching, she practices an individual approach to each student, strives to pay attention to details and exercise precision in technique, and most of all – to inspire musicality, creativity and personal style in her students. Regularly teaches around the world with Alex Gudovich, Albert Ferran and Mickey Fortanasce.

Alex has been devoting his life to balboa for 12,5 years now. He is known for his sophisticated footwork and a recognizable dance style. As a teacher Alex is strict, but fair. Secretly dances a bit of lindy-hop, can be forced to do a swingout. Regularly teaches in CIS and Europe.

Taster Teachers