Friday night: DJ Stephan Wuthe (Berlin, Germany) with his Shellacs

Picture credit: David Gauffin

Stephan Wuthe is probably one of the most well known Swing DJs in Germany, born and raised in Berlin. Literally living on rag fairs since the age of ten, he is passionate about Swing music and culture since about more than 40 Years now. He tours European Festivals as a Social Dancer (Lindy Hop, Balboa) and DJ from Cannes to Herräng, from London to Budapest…

Besides his unbelievable huge selection of authentic swing music, saved on original 78 rpm shellac records, he also owns a priceless knowledge about swing history thanks to the friendship to late musicians, dancers and singers of the Swing Era.

Saturday night: DJane Julia (Melbourne, Australia)

It’s all about the music, right? No music, no feels, no fun. When Julia started dancing she discovered quickly that the DJ had such a huge influence on her enjoyment of the night. This is what drew her to DJing. She loves that feeling of seeing the floor pumping and creating an awesome time for the dancers in the room. Julia always aims to mix it up and play a variety of styles and tempos, all depending on the time of night, mood in the room, and reaction of the crowd. Her favourites are the classics, big band and small ensemble recordings from the 30s, plus those amazing live recordings from the mid 20th century.

In the last decade, Julia has been DJing for countless Balboa, Lindy and Blues events, from local dances to large events all across Australia. Expect tunes that get everyone’s toes tapping, fingers snapping, and feet flying across the dance floor. She is super excited to play all that awesome swingin’ jazz for your dancing pleasures at the farm!

Late Night DJ (Friday, Saturday) and Tea Dance (Sunday): DJ Stepan (Prague, Czech Republik)

Photo credits: David Poul

If you’re one of those persons who constantly tap their feet or make rhythms with their hands, you will most likely get along well with Štěpán. Growing up in a musical family took its toll …

Based in Prague, Štěpán is a resident DJ in his home town and has been booked for many festivals, among others Prague Swing Spring Festival and Prague Chrismas Swing Festival and Dresden Balboa Dayz. He will keep you up on your feet until early morning hours. Just wait for the late night closing songs and the almighty Titanic tune!


David Poul (Brno, Czech Republic)

David is the official photographer of Swing Wings Brno dance school. He started to dance swing himself 3 years ago, when he studied at the university. Since he was already working as a photographer it was natural to expand his portfolio to swing dance events. Last year he had a chance to taste the atmosphere of Prague and Toulouse swing festivals.

Smile is the main feature in his photos. When people enjoy dancing and have fun it’s a special pleasure for David to capture these moments. He is looking forward to catching your smile at Balboa Swing Farm too! Unfortunately the more photos he takes the less time he has for dancing, so don’t hesitate to grab him for a dance, so he can practice too.

Massage Therapist

Lucy Fisher (Australia / Berlin, Germany)

Lucy trained and worked as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor in Australia before jumping ship to Europe in 2017. She now lives in Berlin, spending her time teaching people how to use their bodies to their full potential in both the Pilates and Dance studio. Dancing ballet from a young age, Lucy picked up swing dancing in 2015, which quickly became an obsession with „all the dances“. Also around this time, Lucy started fusing her profession and her hobbies, and since then has been focusing her attention on how to help dancers move as freely as possible.

She will be available throughout the Balboa Swing Farm weekend using her massage skills to melt away your tired muscles, and keep you dancing long into the night.