For every level there will be 4 classes of 60 minutes each, either two classes on Saturday and two on Sunday, or 3 on Saturday and one on Sunday. Every track will have a double class with one teacher couple and a/two single classe/s with the one or two other couple/s.

Since we want to give you the best possible learning experience with a good dose of teachers‘ attention for everybody, there will be a range of 8 up to maximum 15 couples per track.

View our up-to-date schedule for our next edition here.


We will have most probably 4 tasters on Friday evening (you can choose maximum 2) and 4 on Saturday evening (you can choose maximum 2).  All tasters will last 60 minutes each. We offer 2 additional talks, a good chance to sit down and get some food for your brain.

The tasters are designed for the levels mentioned and you can come without a partner. If you find a taster class full already, please choose another one. We might have a lead or follow surplus, but we will rotate a lot to cope with it.

Taster topics (to be updated, subject of change without further notice):

Balboa Tasters:

Musicality – Music and emotion – Express yourself! Julia & Johnny (all levels)

Circle Slides: Masha & Alex (advanced)

Oldtimer Moves – Maxi’s Stop Step:  Masha & Alex (Beginner/Intermediate)

Into the zone: Harness the power of ‚flow state‘ to enable magical play.: Julia & Johnny (advanced)

Floorcraft & Flow. Travel safely and with grace: Julia & Johnny (Beginner/Intermediate)

Creativity. How to unlock your potential and create new moves: Masha (all levels)

Non-Balboa tasters:

Make your body feel better with Lucy: Lucy’s mix of exercises for dancers to enjoy a wonderful body feeling after a day of dance classes. Just to prepare you for the party! Lucy (all levels)


Friday: The Balboa Experiment*** – what is it? how to apply? experiences from previous years: Rory & Eve

***It’s important to understand that Rory & Eve do neither speak on behalf of The Experiment nor are sponsored by The Experiment. They give personal experiences and advice as best of their knowledge as a service to the Balboa community. There is no official connection of any kind.

Saturday: Improve your practise – How to give & receive feedback and use videos: Eve