Our international / travellers registration will open March 28th, 12 h midday (MEZ).

At this point we will accept registrations from dancers
– living outside of Germany OR
– living minimum 500 km away from our venue.

This include dancers from Australia, Hungaria, Ireland, Switzerland, Bahamas, Sweden and any other country obviously, and dancers from Frankfurt/M., Stuttgart, Munich, Dresden …

Dancers with a confirmed pass for Balboa Castle Camp get priority to enable travelling dancers to have a Balboa vacation.

Please be aware that the registration for dancers living *within* 500 km from our venue (e.g. Köln, Berlin, Essen, Hamburg) will open on April, 16th, and be assured that we keep a good amount of spots per track open for this second registration wave.

The split shall only take some load from servers and people dealing with regs.

We aim for a role balanced and international/national well mixed event.